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    Mall Grab is ready for the next level

    Over the years, Jordon has mastered the art of making a good banger. Though they might not get the critical acclaim of more heady sounds, they are no easier to perfect. Thankfully, he has not shied away from that signature high-energy style on the album. “I would always rather listen to a good banger than some beautiful electronic piece,” he says. “That’s just the way my brain works.”

    On the album, a perfect balance is struck. The tracks — a crisp, potent, eclectic melange of garage, breaks, house, jungle and rave — are not all-out for the dancefloor, but they do pack a punch both physically and emotionally. That nuance can be from Nia Archive’s neo-soul vocals, the poignant bars of Novelist and D Double E, or…

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